What can Tinsley Risk Solutions do for you?

Process Coaching:  We bring years of experience managing loss and risk to your business. If you are feeling overwhelmed in navigating claims, losses, and other items that are costing you money, we can guide you in finding ways to manage risks and save money.

Online Courses:  Click here to access courses and resources.

Risk and Loss Assessments:  We can review your loss history, assess patterns, identify inherent risks in your business, and identify cost-saving ways to help reduce future losses.

Policy Review and Updates:  Review your existing employee safety and loss control policies to make sure they meet industry standard requirements, add any missing policies, or bring your current policies up-to-date, as well as help explain what it all means.  Different industries have different needs. We can help make sure your business has the right policies for your specific need.  

Claim Mitigation:  If you are having issues with your claims, we can help alleviate the tension and focus on solutions with all parties involved. We can provide outside the box ideas for mutual solutions to help minimize stress and litigation cost

Reporting Assistance: Preparing for annual reports, such as the Missouri self-insureds annual report, can be incredibly time-consuming and costly. We can help ease the burden by doing all the research and front end work to help save time and ensure accuracy.  

Onsite Assessment and Training:  We can offer training, individual coaching or for groups, on various topics such as public speaking, management development, safety training, customer service training, and employee engagement.

Ongoing Support: We are there beyond the initial service to provide ongoing support on-site or online.